>> Easily Achieve the Best Human-Machine Interfaces with HoloTouch® Technology


You know your company's products and markets better than anyone else.  We can customize our unique and revolutionary HoloTouch touchless, holographic control  technology to your products better than anyone. 

We will provide you with a written evaluation, without charge, explaining how easily and inexpensively we can customize our patented HoloTouch technology to one of your devices.  You need only supply us with a description of how you want that device to look, feel and function and be willing to answer some additional questions. 

Using HoloTouch technology, we also design, engineer and manufacture human-machine interfaces ("HMIs") that exceed your distinctive expectations and the needs of your customers, on a fee-for-services basis.   Recent evidence of our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise is our new touchless, holographic switch (shown at the right).  This switch has no moving parts, measures 5.25" x 3.5" x 2.82", works on 110 or 240VAC or actuates devices drawing up to 8 amps.  It fits into a standard NEC wall box and is operated by merely passing a finger through the full-color holographic image (not visible in picture taken with single lens camera) floating freely in its cavity.  Complete description and specifications of this new switch are available by writing to newproducts@holotouch.com.  Qualified OEMs may request complimentary demonstration units of this new switch by writing to the same address.

In addition, we license HoloTouch technology for use in specific types of touchless HMIs while supplementing your capabilities as needed with our talent for rapid design and engineering of prototypes as well as manufacturing product in volume.  In brief, licensing HoloTouch technology from us might involve:

  • specifics of the particular product(s) you want to customize with HoloTouch technology;

  • economics of the market(s) into which those products will be sold;

  • where those products will be manufactured and sold;

  • the length of your proposed license;

  • terms of compensation to be paid us for using our technology, which might include a fixed royalty for a limited period of prototype development and/or continuing royalties calculated on the basis of a percentage of net sales of products making use of HoloTouch technology; and

  • other terms and conditions which are customary in our company's technology licensing agreements.

All terms of licensing arrangements are subject to agreement between our company and any potential licensee.

Working together, your company and ours evaluate how best to integrate HoloTouch technology into your products, to increase your competitive edge.  We efficiently work directly with you to combine your skills and ours and provide you with a comprehensive written report of our joint recommendations.  Options which may flow from our evaluation include licensing our technology for specific applications and our designing, engineering and manufacturing prototypes of specific applications of our technology as well as providing manufactured product in volume.

For more information about  our REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY and how we can empower you to boost the competitiveness of your products, please contact us:

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