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HoloTouch® technology is unique and widely patented.  Devices using HoloTouch technology vastly exceed capabilities of conventional human-machine interfaces and outperforms them.  Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Human-machine interfaces ("HMIs") using HoloTouch technology are entirely touchless
  • with no moving parts,  HMIs using our patented technology are indestructible - impervious to shock, dirt, moisture, hard use and other hazards of customers and workplaces
  • clean and green operation - whether in healthcare, high-traffic consumer applications or other settings, our HMIs neatly bypass hygiene issues, because there's nothing to touch in operating them
  • full-color, 3D holographic images of  HMIs using HoloTouch technology draw customers in and hold their attention
  • people-friendly, easy-to-use touchless, holographic HMIs provide comfortable, reliable operation where conventional keys and buttons have shrunk below normal finger sizes and fingers tire from pounding keys and buttons
  • touchless HMIs using our technology are friction-less and have longer life cycles than conventional switches and other tactile HMIs
  • our touchless, holographic HMIs compare favorably in cost with conventional tactile interfaces, both initially and over time
  • their physical designs are appealing and very flexible
  • HMIs using patented HoloTouch technology enhance competitive positions by underlining commitment to newest and best technology

There are no practical barriers to using HoloTouch technology to improve and enhance many types of electronic equipment, such as automotive, banking, factory-floor, gaming, kiosk, leisure, medical, military, personal and home electronics and toy products.

HoloTouch technology must be customized to your particular application or device.

Here's a simple explanation of how HoloTouch technology works:

HMIs using HoloTouch technology make it easy for people to enter commands and data into a wide range of electronic equipment by simply passing a finger through holographic images of what would otherwise be buttons or keys of keypads or keyboards, floating in the air at a convenient location. An infrared sensor detects intrusion of a finger into those images, identifies which command has been selected and transmits that selection to the equipment's internal software, in much the same way pressing a button on any ordinary keyboard would.  Interfaces customized with HoloTouch technology provide output to USB, serial and other PC ports as well as relay output to other devices such as PLCs.

PERSONAL ELECTRONICS Combining holographic images of what would otherwise be the buttons of cell phones, PDAs, laptops, video games or hand-helds with a wave sensor scanning the plane of those images, HoloTouch technology enhances comfortable, reliable operation, where keypad size has shrunk below normal finger size, and continues to dwindle. With HoloTouch technology, images of keypads can be larger than the underlying equipment. Holographic images of the keypad are projected into the air. An infra-red detector detects intrusion of a finger into those images, identifies which number or symbol has been selected, and transmits that selection to the equipment.

MILITARY AND OTHER RUGGED APPLICATIONS Where computer keyboards and keypads are regularly subjected to contaminants, dirt, moisture or shock, whether on the factory floor, outdoors or in the military, HMIs using HoloTouch technology solve that problem by providing truly hardened controls.  Controls using our patented technology have no moving parts and nothing to break. Holographic images of what would otherwise be the keypad or computer keyboard are projected into the air. An infra-red sensor detects intrusion of a finger into those images, identifies which command has been selected, and transmits that selection to the equipment, all in a completely sealed unit.

MEDICAL AND HIGH-TRAFFIC CONSUMER APPLICATIONS Because there's nothing to actually touch when using our touchless, holographic HMIs, healthcare personnel gain direct, reliable and personal control of operating room equipment, where conventional healthcare HMIs  must be operated by someone not "scrubbed up" because computer keyboards and key pads can never be effectively sterilized.  ATM, kiosk and point-of-sale equipment subject to the onslaught of large numbers of consumers can be precisely operated using HoloTouch technology without concern about secondary infection issues. Holographic images of what would otherwise be computer keyboards, keypads or touch-screens are projected into the air at a considerable distance from the equipment. An infra-red detector notices the intrusion of a finger into the desired portion of those images, identifies which number or symbol has been selected, and transmits that selection to the equipment and its display function.

HoloTouch, Inc. is a veteran-owned Delaware corporation with its corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

HoloTouch, Inc. is
partnering with manufacturers of ATM, automotive, consumer electronics, gaming, home appliance, kiosk, leisure, medical and military equipment to work out the details of customizing our innovative technology to their specific devices.

HoloTouch technology is protected by US Patent 6,377,238, US Patent 7,054,045, UK Patent 2292711, Canada Patent 2,160,245, Australia Patent 2004258513 and Japan Patent 4130957.  HoloTouch technology is also protected by patents pending in Canada, the European Union, Germany and other major industrialized countries. HoloTouch is registered as a trademark in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with respect to its licensing and design, engineering and manufacturing services.